viernes, 1 de abril de 2016

Frecklish: the new makeup trend


I´m literally obsessed with freckles. There is something about this tiny little dots that changes the whole perspective of how you look and feel: sexy and youthful . Like many cosmetic applications (brow taming and filling, contouring, etc) it brings instant freshness and change. The only different with the freckles is that the more "just washed" your face looks, the better. Pair with sea salt beach hair, nad you will have 10,000 men staring at you.
Now, I´m not talking about any freckles, they have to be specific, few and cute ones.

I´ve heard of a new freckle tatoo, it´s not out yet, but I hope it comes out and starts a trend! ¨cause I´ve been painting them every day:

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