lunes, 31 de agosto de 2015

dream life

My childhood, spending summer in La Jolla, California. Spoiled as hell. You grow up immersed in a beautiful life,  now it´s just a dream life.
You always want to repeat every positive and good experience that ever happened to you, but many times life won´t let you. I know I try very hard to get back into this beautiful atmosphere and have my children experience the same wonderful summers that I did.
This was the scenic route in my morning walk for 1 week during my vacation at La jolla, CA.

The walls that keep us trapped

"Amazing things that happen when you fall in love when you’re more mature, less sure of yourself, but ready to give and forgive, and once again, ready to be vulnerable".

I would like to know how to break down walls: trust walls, economic walls, emotional walls & fear walls. And don´t tell me yoga and meditation will see me through. Bulshit!
Maybe you only get used to living inside the walls and feel happy to someday break down one or two of them. Make sure not to build any more walls and make peace with the construction you already have, be kind and gentile to yourself.

viernes, 21 de agosto de 2015

At the barre

It´s the new "cool saying" meet me at @the barre.  I started classical ballet lessons since I was little, then dropped it for a few years, then went back and so on.  Ballet is a femenin, beautiful and therapeutic discipline that shapes the body beautifully.
 The new barre excersice is amazing, it gives you the perfect bun, leg, arms and stomach. With classical ballet I never, in many years,  achieved what barre has done in 3 months.

lunes, 17 de agosto de 2015

At last! A dream come true. And so I hear it´s not easy to get a press pass for LFW.  Well I did it, A year and a half of hard work at the magazine, exclusive articles, writing stress & big time anguish each month.....but here it is: the prize.

organic art furniture

Amazing organic furniture made of parota tree wood. Could be in a museum. Elegant, perfectly crafted by a european hippie surfer with the help of a few locals settled in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. The price $$$$$$ OMG.... what would you pay for a piece like this if you found it in a store in the Meat pPcking District or SOHO, for example.  I bought a piece to put beside my  "Le petit Comfort" love seat by Le Corbusier.

Picture from Garance Dore´s blog:

martes, 11 de agosto de 2015

the “real person” living an impossibly glamorous life

A happy time you recall but never experienced.  Now thanks to instagram, tumblr & pinterest we can make this a reality.   I do see this vacation in another way, different from the way I saw it 5 or 10 years ago. How? seeing through the eyes of these social networks.

Has social media changed the way we perceive what sorrounds us? is doing yoga on the beach something to emphasise a lot about? 
This was just a very nice invitation to a very nice home at a very nice place.

today´s look

Today, this is my dream hair style

jueves, 6 de agosto de 2015

Livin´ la vida instagram

I love following instagram people. When I´m happy: I picture myself in the sama kinda life, like a great big family, but when I´m not very happy: I wish I had their lives!

This is sick. Face it, we have more "I want their lives" moments than the "we are all so happy" ones. With destinations I wish I was in, relationships I wish I had & bodies I have always worked for.

Some of my weekly favorite pictures:




miércoles, 5 de agosto de 2015

just a thought

I would like to be a New York socialite because it involves eating canapes, traveling, being cute and knowing how to pose for a camera.


Cecilia Bönstrom, in a very discreet way, she is one of the best designers around. She has managed to place Zadig & Voltaire in Paris Fashion Week and keeping the brand with it´s original concept while evolving incredibly. Her sense of style is everywhere: how she dresses, designs, her home and office.
She directs the brand the same way she lives her simple, uncomplicated, ultra stylish life.
 With Irina....great choice of muse (one of many)
 With blogger Pernille T.
 I really really want this karma sweater!

 Perfect and sexy way of showing some abs...
The whole look is perfection: hair, makeup, mood, etc etc etc

 Always a very nice person, Hanne.