martes, 28 de julio de 2015

dream outfit #1

this would be my dream outfit for today:
Tibi shirt & skirt in black with Isabel Marant lace pumps

skinny is fashion expensive

I always wanted to be skinny, ever since I had the first spark of vanity. I am very petite so it is more difficult for me to achieve the skinny look, I have to excersice every day & choose the right food. My obsession: looking good in jeans. Always looking for the right pair, perfect cut, european design, expensive, designer. My fashion mantra was: when I´m skinny I will just need a t shirt and a pair of jeans, maybe a navy blazer when it gets chilly, that was the vision of myself with the perfect bod.

I finally lost weight & clothes look great on me. The problem is....everything looks very good: leggins, jeans (every style, price and nationality) dresses, blouses....god! And so I realized, I don´t have the budget for a skinny body.

before (Isabel Marant jeans) & after (Hollister skinny jeans)

sábado, 25 de julio de 2015

loving Nicole Richie

I have been so entertained with Nicole´s "Candidly Nicole" youtube series. 5 minutes of very, very creative dialogue. Her style is not as great as it was a few year ago (when Rachel Zoe was her stylist). Her L.A. bohemian high-end look was amazing, it got me to buy in stores & boutiques like Curve and Fred Segal.  Also, I have to admit that, although not healthy at all,  her skinny look & hair extensions were part of that magic.
Laboutine pumps, Lanvin flats, Alaia sandals Balenciaga bags, stylish little Anna Sui dresses, jeans, t-shirts, bikinis and great scarfs....all great choices and very well put together.

miércoles, 22 de julio de 2015

It’s pretty high maintenance to look low maintenance

"look at us but do not touch"

Like the lyrics in the song  some velvet morning sang by the one & only Kate Moss/ Primal Scream "look at us but do not touch"  I have bought so many pieces just out of admiration for design. It gives me a kinda-feeling je ne sais quoi, so difficult to explain. I just have to have them, no matter the price.   Examples found in my closet ( worn maybe only once):

Prada wedge shoes, Isabel Marant boots, Christopher Kane for Top Shop dress, Prada tie dye  pumps, Kate Moss for Top Shop...& the list goes on

lunes, 13 de julio de 2015