miércoles, 20 de mayo de 2015

Pandora Sykes

What can I say about #pandorasykes......her interview starded just right with her prompt response, although when it came to the Q&A she really didn´t put much effort into it....I think, considering she is a perky writer.
Maybe it is because she was mentioned by the Man Repeller at the same time, she din´t have much time for us.

Interview with Angel Sanchez. We visited his showroom and office. Very nice guy. The show was very nice, music was incredible, makeup and hair looked very good, I liked the undone chingos, makes every elegante dress look effortlessly worn.Interview comino out: November 1st 2014. Preview:

Karla Martinez de Salas

inflight magazine Revista Interjet article on

#karlamartinezdesalas by Carlota Otero
The best I have seen in a long time. #AlexanderMcQueen leather pants with eyelets. Great look with #IsabelMarant sweater & church shoes.
eyelet & zipper detail