martes, 28 de julio de 2015

skinny is fashion expensive

I always wanted to be skinny, ever since I had the first spark of vanity. I am very petite so it is more difficult for me to achieve the skinny look, I have to excersice every day & choose the right food. My obsession: looking good in jeans. Always looking for the right pair, perfect cut, european design, expensive, designer. My fashion mantra was: when I´m skinny I will just need a t shirt and a pair of jeans, maybe a navy blazer when it gets chilly, that was the vision of myself with the perfect bod.

I finally lost weight & clothes look great on me. The problem is....everything looks very good: leggins, jeans (every style, price and nationality) dresses, blouses....god! And so I realized, I don´t have the budget for a skinny body.

before (Isabel Marant jeans) & after (Hollister skinny jeans)

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